AI MAXTools AI SpellMAX Module NOW AVAILABLE! (now supporting v15-v19!)

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admin November 16, 2017, 05:40:28 PM (#90)

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A new version of the AI MAXTools suite is available! The latest build (, 2017-11-16) has the following improvements/fixes/changes (see below for download link):
New Features/Functions:
  • AI MAX Export2D: now capable of handling drawings with an even larger number of sheets
Bug Fixes:
  • AI Bill of Material (BOM) Generator: When generating the BOM with PDF output, the view angles for the images were not being set correctly in some cases. Fixed.
  • AI MAX Export2D: When converting to PDF in batch mode and the option to create a top-level PDF (i.e. merge the newly generated PDFs) was selected, the top-level file was not always being created correctly. Fixed.
Changed Functionality:
  • Miscellaneous behind-the-scenes tweaks, especially to the AI MAX Export2D and AI BOM Generator.
To download the latest version, please Click Here.

Note that in addition to new behavior, new versions may also introduce occasional bugs -- please notify us if you experience anything unexpected!