AI MAXTools: multi-function tools bringing new and enhanced functionality to PTC Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) Versions 15‑20+!

See how easy it is to export data in just a few clicks! Multiple output formats in one step, smart filenames, zip files for all formats, and MUCH more! It’s That Easy! (really!)

Our Solutions

CAD Data Exchange Made Easy

Working smarter with suppliers and partners

Faster 3D Concept Modeling

Accelerating design from concept to simulation, and other downstream processes

Simplified CAD

Moving from legacy CAD to PTC's Direct Modeling

Our Products

AI DesignMAX

Has the tools to give you that extra edge when designing


Automatically generates intelligent filenames for each object, virtually eliminating the need to type filenames.


AI SpellMAX™ helps to ensure that your drawings are free from spelling errors, and also allows you to find and replace text in your drawings!

We would love to work with you! Try our tools for yourself to see how much more effective your design efforts can be when using AI MAXTools solutions from Aspiration Innovation!