AI MAXTools AI SpellMAX Module NOW AVAILABLE! (now supporting v15-v19!)

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We post all code release announcements in the Availability Announcements thread.  

If you simply subscribe to the Availability Announcements thread by clicking the "Notify" link near the top of the message, you'll get an email every time that thread is updated.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Changelog for latest AI MAXTools build (build, 2010-07-01):

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   + AI MAX Share: Added options to show both ref and target directions independently.
     + Added event processing at AI MAXTools module startup
     ! AI MAX Share: Clicking "Use Previous Part/Posn" when
       multiple source objects had been used resulted in
       incorrect naming of the new objects.  Fixed.
     ! wouldn't load reliably when using UNC path.  Should be fixed.
     % AI MAX Share: "Newname" field no longer hidden with multiple source objects.
        Rather, the field is updated to show "--multiple--" as the new name
     + AI MAX Share: Autohide now works with Reference Parts method
     ! AI MAX Share: Using "Use Previous part/method" didn't seem to work
       reliably when using reference parts.  Fixed.
     ! AI MAX Share: When changing from reference parts to circular elements, the correct status
       of the automatic owner selection was not always being set properly.  Fixed.
     ! AI MAX Share: Clicking "Reverse" when no initial reference direction was defined (including
       when using circular elements with no initial element) would throw an error.  Fixed.
     ! If using the hidden switch "show-dirs" no variable was set active.  Fixed.
     ! On some older versions of Modeling, ai-dual-const-lines would
       throw an error and revert to previous state if the user
       clicked OK.  Fixed.
     % Network installations should now work much better -- both the bitmaps
        and help files should now work even with networked installations.

To download the latest version click Here.  Note that new versions may introduce new bugs -- please notify us if you experience anything unexpected!


We hope that these forums will be useful for you to learn more about our products and solutions, as well as to help with any issues you may have.

Take a look around and make yourself comfortable -- feel free to introduce yourself in our Introductions forum!

Best regards,

Aspiration Innovation, Inc -- makers of AI MAXTools

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