Productivity Tips for Using Creo Elements/Direct

Get These Time-Saving Tips and Tricks

for Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) versions 15+

15 time-savers you can use right now with your standard installation of Creo Elements/Direct


  • Quickly change feature selection (boss/pocket/etc)
  • Box selection (fully vs partially included)


  • Smooth Zooming
  • Dynamically adjust clipping planes
  • Hotkeys


  • “Line between 2 Points” function
  • Export to STP maintaining object color

Miscellaneous and Customization

  • Tricks with the calculator to make life easier
  • Ribbon and toolbar customization
  • Customized keyboard and mouse shortcuts
  • Recovering from a hung session

In addition to these tips, if you *really* want to boost your productivity, check out the AI MAXTools Suite. Learn more on our License Request page.

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