Easier Data Exporting and Migrating

AI MAXTools Makes Data Exporting and Migration Easier Than Ever

One of our customers was informed recently by their upper management that they were going to be consolidating their CAD systems and data on a new system (against the recommendation of the engineering department). They have been using the CoCreate and Creo Elements/Direct tools for many years, and have a huge amount of 3D and 2D data that they needed to migrate to the new system. They asked us which of our tools could help them with that migration.

The answer: AI MAX Export and AI MAX Export2D. These tools both allow exporting multiple objects (multiple parts and assemblies for AI MAX Export) and multiple drawing files (for AI MAX Export2D) into multiple formats in a single operation.

AI MAX Export will allow you to Export all loaded models (top-level assemblies, sub-assemblies, and/or parts — selectable by you, the user) into any combination of available supported formats in a single operation. You also can control the way the files are named, and even have the ability to have the objects renamed as part of the export process. You can even have all of the formats for each object combined into a zip file! For those companies using Model Manager, we can even help you by extracting the attributes attached to the models when exporting, and save them to a file that can be imported to the new system (or used in any other way you would like). 

AI MAX Export2D allows exporting/converting any combination of drawing files (.mi, .ami,, .bdl, .dxf), including an entire folder of drawing files, to any combination of PDF, DXF, DWG, and/or 2D IGES. You can also specify a file mask to allow easier file selection and filtering. The output PDF files can also have searchable text, allowing you to search not only from within your PDF reader, but also with any disk indexing tool. The PDF files of your drawings can also have a watermark, if desired, such as “Confidential” or any other text you desire (including multiple line watermarks).

You can learn more about both of these functions on the AI DataMAX page.

As will all AI MAXTools products, these tools will work with all versions of Creo Elements/Direct and CoCreate Modeling from v15 to v 20.1, and one license covers ALL supported versions.  We bring you new functionality, regardless of which version of Modeling you’re using!

We’d love to help you with your exporting needs, including tailored or fully custom solutions. Please let us know how we can help you!