AI MAXTools provides easy-to-use add-on tools and services to help you MAXimize the value of your investment in PTC's Direct Modeling!

Our Solutions

CAD Data Exchange Made Easy

Working smarter with suppliers and partners

Faster 3D Concept Modeling

Accelerating design from concept to simulation, and other downstream processes

Simplified CAD

Moving from legacy CAD to PTC's Direct Modeling

Have you or someone in your company ever had to push to meet tight deadlines, needed to get more done with fewer resources or wished there was a more streamlined process when working with suppliers? If so, we may have just the thing for you!

AI MAXTools™ from Aspiration Innovation is a suite of add-in functionality for PTC’s Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) Modeling that helps you to be more productive and efficient in all phases of the design process – from profile creation to part duplication, from part modification to data import and export, plus a whole lot more!

Our solutions are built to address the needs of actual Modeling users just like you. Whatever challenges you face, our tools can give you shorter design cycles, reduced time to market, increased confidence in meeting deadlines, reduced error count, and more complete models. They are easy to install and easy to use, with most users seeing a productivity boost almost instantly! Try them for yourself and see how an incremental investment in your CAD tools can give you a significant advantage in today’s marketplace.