Loading AI MAXTools (single-use)

Before you can use AI MAXTools, they must be loaded into your Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) Modeling session.

To load the tools, you need to load the file “ai-load-files.lsp” into your active Modeling session. This file is located in your AI MAXTools installation directory (default is c:/asp-inno).

If you want to load the tools automatically so that they will be loaded each time Modeling starts, please see the other article dealing with automatic loading.

However, if you want to load the tools manually, this can be accomplished several ways:

A) from a Windows Explorer window, browse to your AI MAXTools installation directory. Click on the ai-load-files.lsp file and drag it into your active Modeling window.

B) type the following line into your user input line in your Modeling session (replacing “c:/asp-inno” with the path of your AI MAXTools installation folder, if appropriate):
(load “c:/asp-inno/ai-load-files.lsp”)

C) From within your Modeling session:

  • Click “File->Load”
  • Change the directory to “c:\asp-inno”
  • Change the file type to “LISP source (*.lsp)” You may need to scroll down the list to find this selection.
  • Select ai-load-files.lsp
  • Click “Load”