CAD Data Exchange Made Easy

AI MAXTools makes exchanging CAD data with suppliers and partners easier than ever before! We give you faster speed, higher quality, and increased efficiency! Easy Image Outgoing Data.

Outgoing Data

When you need to send CAD to partners and partners, AI MAXTools has functionality to make this process easier than ever before!  Some highlights:

AI MAX Export: Export multiple 3D parts and assemblies to multiple formats with only a few seconds of user interaction
AI MAX Export 2D: Export multiple 2D drawings into multiple 2D formats in a single operation
AI Bill of Material Generator: Generate a Bill of Material for multiple formats (including PDF with images)
AI MultiRename: Clean up your object names and model names prior to export for a clean, consistent model

Incoming Data

When you need to work with legacy CAD data or CAD data received from suppliers or contractors, AI MAXTools has functionality to help streamline these processes as well, including:

AI MultiRename: Easily clean up the names of your imported parts and assemblies
AI ReplacePart: Replace the imported objects with objects from your own part libraries
AI MAX ViewHQ: More easily visualize and inspect the imported models
AI MAX UnShare and Group: Break a group of shared objects into two independent groups of shared objects
and much more!