AI DataMAX™ is focused primarily on helping you exchange data as easily as possible, whether with suppliers, contractors, or other internal organizations. Both 2D and 3D are supported, including searchable PDF files! It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Easier Data Exporting and Migrating

One of our customers was informed recently by their upper management that they were going to be consolidating their CAD systems and data on a new system (against the recommendation of the engineering department). They have been using the CoCreate and Creo Elements/Direct tools for many years, and have a huge amount of 3D and 2D data that they needed to migrate to the new system. They asked us which of our tools could help them with that migration.

The answer: AI MAX Export and AI MAX Export2D. These tools both allow exporting multiple objects (multiple parts and assemblies for AI MAX Export) and multiple drawing files (for AI MAX Export2D) into multiple formats in a single operation.

To make your life easier, AI DataMAX
contains the following functions:

The easiest way to export your data, period.  AI MAX Export allows you to export multiple parts and assemblies into multiple formats in a single operation.


  • Select multiple parts and/or assemblies
  • Export assemblies and subassemblies intact
  • Export to all supported Modeling formats* simultaneously
  • Collect all different formats for each object in a zip file (optional)
  • Automatic, intelligent export file names capture revision/version info
  • Easily add extra text such as “Quote” to the filenames
  • Simple preview functionality
  • Real-time status updates during processing
  • Graceful error recovery and error reporting if exporting a part fails

* NOTE: All licensed output formats (including eDrawings Professional, 3D PDF, U3D, XVL output, and all CAD Adapters) require separate licenses that must be obtained from PTC.

Easily generate a Bill of Material for any of your loaded parts and/or assemblies.


  • Multiple selection options
  • Multiple output formats, including pdf with part images!
  • Display revision levels of parts and assemblies (if applicable)
  • NEW! Use Model Manager attributes!
  • Choose between Indented or Summary bill
  • Option not to expand objects flagged as Purchased

Export all of your CoCreate Annotation and Drafting 2D files in a single step!


  • Generate searchable PDF files!
  • Input formats:  .mi, .ami, .bdl, and .dxf
  • User-specified file mask(s) make filtering easy!
  • Output formats:  .pdf, .dxf, and .iges
  • Batch mode to process all files in a directory (and its subdirectories, if desired)
    • User may specify which files to skip, as well
  • Option to create PDF files for each individual sheet of multi-sheet drawings
  • Each sheet in the PDF file is the same size as its corresponding sheet in the drawing
  • Watermark each sheet if desired (“Confidential” “Quote Only” etc)
  • Multi-line watermarks supported
  • Option to merge all generated PDF files into a single multi-sheet PDF (such as for an entire sub-assembly).