Faster 3D Concept Modeling

AI MAXTools™ turbo-charges your 3D concept modeling during the design process!

AI DesignMAX™ provides many functions to streamline your design process and help you finish your designs more quickly, completely, and accurately. In addition to adding new functionality, our tools can help you learn new ways of completing the same tasks in a more efficient and streamlined manner – either way, you get to your desired result much more quickly!

Some of the highlights of functionality included in the AI MAXTools suite:

AI MAX Share: Fast, easy and powerful part duplication with intelligent names
AI MultiRename: Easily clean up the names of your existing parts and assemblies
AI ReplacePart: Replace one or more existing objects with another
AI MAX ViewHQ: Easily visualize and modify parts and/or assemblies -- great for design reviews, too!
and much more!

Learn more on the AI DesignMAX product page!